Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket to or attending Peninsula Picnic, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below. The Terms and Conditions relate to the sale of tickets and attendance at Peninsula Picnic to which the ticket relates. These Terms and Conditions apply to the purchaser, any subsequent ticketholders and any ticket recipient.

Purchasing tickets

1. Tickets you purchase are for personal use. Except as we may agree, you and your party must not re-sell or transfer (or seek to re-sell or transfer) the tickets (whether for cost price, discount or profit). A breach of this condition will entitle the Melbourne Racing Club (the MRC) to cancel the tickets without prior notification, refund, compensation or liability. This applies to any posts you may make on social media and/or ticket resale websites.

2. In addition to the ticket price your order may require payment of a booking fee per ticket, a transaction fees per order and/or other supplementary fees which may apply to the event. 

3. If you order or buy more tickets than the maximum permitted per person, per card or per household, we may cancel all of the order or tickets, in which case you will be refunded the ticket price and any booking, transaction or supplementary fees you have paid.

4. To prevent fraud and protect the MRC and you, we may carry out checks and/or you may be asked to provide additional information (such as a copy of a credit or debit card statement) after your booking so we can verify your purchase. If we suspect fraud we may cancel any order or tickets.

5. You must inform the MRC of any change of address, contact phone number or email address, both before and after receipt of the tickets. Our contact details are below. Our preferred method to contact you is email, so you should take care to provide a current, valid email address and be aware that your email filter settings may treat our emails as spam or direct them to your junk folder.

6. An order for tickets is not complete until accepted by us. We try to ensure all prices are accurate but errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of tickets you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and we may either cancel the order (in which case you will be refunded the ticket price and any booking, transaction or supplementary fees you have paid) or give you the option of confirming your order at the correct price.

7. By purchasing tickets, you also agree to the MRC’s General Conditions of Attendance and the Ticket Refund and Exchange Policy. To the extent of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the Ticket Refund and Exchange Policy, the latter policy shall apply to the extent of any inconsistency.

8. Subject to clause 9, purchased tickets on tickets.mrc.net.au will be dispatched to you electronically.

9: We will try to dispatch tickets to you promptly by email but we may, where reasonable, send tickets by post or make tickets available for collection at the box office if:

  1. email is impractical due to timing or circumstances beyond our control; or
  2. necessary for reasons of identification; or
  3. we are otherwise unable to email tickets to you for any reason.

10. You will be notified by phone, email or in writing (using the contact details provided by you) if this becomes necessary. Please note the conditions for collection at the event in paragraph 13 below.

11. To collect tickets at the event, the cardholder must present the card used to book the tickets as identification or a valid driver’s licence listing the name of the purchaser.

12. Always check your tickets upon receipt and advise us promptly of any errors. Mistakes when ordering cannot always be corrected and any corrections are discretionary.

13. If the event takes place but you do not receive the tickets you have purchased for any of following reasons you will be refunded the ticket price and any booking, transaction or supplementary fees you have paid:

  1. the tickets have been sent to an email address different to the one you specified and you tell us within a reasonable period, but replacement tickets are not provided; or
  2. your tickets are not dispatched and no arrangements are made for the tickets to be available for collection at the event.

Attendance conditions

14. Any patron under 18 years of age wishing to attend Peninsula Picnic that is a minor must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The MRC may determine in its discretion whether an adult is a responsible adult, taking into account the guidance of the Victorian liquor regulator.

15. MRC reserves the right to refuse entry to or to expel any minor from Peninsula Picnic who is not accompanied by a responsible adult, and no refunds shall be provided in such circumstances.

16. Amongst other things you will need to comply with health and safety rules, including those related to Covid-19, and any security requirements (including security searches for the safety of those attending the event) and more particularly described in the General Conditions of Attendance. The MRC will have rights to refuse admission or eject you in certain circumstances and these are likely to include if you are involved with abusive, threatening, drunken or other anti-social behaviour, or carry offensive weapons or illegal or prohibited substances or make unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings.

17. Before you finalise your booking, please read all the information that applies to the event and/or ticket. If you or any member of your party has particular requirements please raise these when booking and we will make best efforts to address your query. There can be no guarantee that requirements can be met if notified at the event.

18. You acknowledge and agree that your entry may be subject to directions issued by Victoria’s Chief Health Officer pursuant to the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic) and/or otherwise under relevant Victorian law (“Directions”), which you understand may change from time to time. Such Directions may include a requirement to provide sufficient evidence of being fully vaccinated (unless legally exempt). Failure to comply with all relevant Directions will result in you being refused entry or evicted from the venue.

19. While the conditions of entry relating to COVID-19 are designed to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, it is not possible to eliminate that risk entirely. You acknowledge that by entering the venue you assume the risk of suffering an illness or fatality related to COVID-19.

Cancellation, change or postponement of an event

20. The Peninsula Picnic is an outdoor event and the event will always go ahead as long as it is safe to do so. There will be no ticket refunds for wet weather unless the MRC cancels or postpones the event for such reasons.

21. You should always check that an event is going ahead at the scheduled date, time and venue.

22. If the MRC cancels an event or makes significant changes to the venue, date, show time the MRC will use reasonable endeavours to inform you. This will usually be done by email.

23. Refunds may be available where MRC cancels the event, in accordance with the Ticket Refund and Exchange Policy.

24. If an event is rescheduled, materially changed or moved we will address the matter as contemplated by our Ticket Refund and Exchange Policy. 

25. To the extent permitted by law, MRC will not provide any refunds if any scheduled or promoted artists are unable to perform for reasons outside MRC’s control. MRC has the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute support artists and/or vary advertised programs, times, prices, venues, seating arrangements, staging and audience capacity without notice to you. The line-up may be subject to change at the discretion of MRC.


26. Tickets cannot be transferred, exchanged, or refunded once purchased other than for the reasons set out in these terms and conditions or in the Ticket Refund and Exchange Policy.

27. Any refund will usually be paid, using the same method you used to buy the tickets within the timeframes set out in the Ticket Refund and Exchange Policy.

28. No refunds will be offered under any circumstances if you fail to comply with the all terms and conditions applicable to those tickets, the venue or the event.

29. When you receive your tickets check the details carefully. When attending the event, carry proof of age if appropriate.


30. The purchase by you of tickets and these terms and conditions (and any contractual or non-contractual matters arising in relation to these terms and conditions) are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia and any disputes arising out of any transaction between you and the MRC are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts of that jurisdiction.

31. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (including the Australian Consumer Law) and the Fair Trading Act 2012 (Vic), or similar legislation regarding implied conditions and warranties that cannot be excluded.


32. Still confused? Then please email contact@mrc.net.au using the details set out below, quoting the order number you were given at the time of purchasing your tickets (if applicable), and we'll see what we can do to help.