Prancing Horse Estate

No one in Australia does what Prancing Horse Estate proprietor, Tony Hancy does in his cellar door. No one even comes close. With stunning views across Western Port Bay and a selection of some of the region’s best wines, Tony opens on weekends to give guests the chance to taste local wines alongside top-notch Burgundy and Chablis. His wines are made under the Prancing Horse label and all shine a spotlight on the fascinating world of biodynamic viticulture.

Be assured, an afternoon spent with Tony Hancy is a wine educational experience unparalleled anywhere in Australia. Tony is guided by the philosophy that great wines are made in the vineyard. His passion for biodynamic viticulture has seen the Prancing Horse thumbprint now appear in two countries – France and Australia – across three regions; Chablis, Burgundy and the Mornington Peninsula. The local biodynamic vineyard performs exceptionally well, producing wines with abundant varietal expression. The Burgundy and Chablis are made under the Prancing Horse label and the fascinating comparison of the three wine regions lead to a greater understanding of terroir.

For Tony Hancy, the vineyard conveys a special sense of place in the Prancing Horse Estate wines. Because of this, he takes immense pride in its cultivation. To taste the purity of these wines is to shake hands with an ancient volcanic slope with your back to a cool Bass Strait breeze. They are absolutely worth seeking out.